Performance Sailtraining

For all Participents of the Performance Sailtraining in English during the Winter 20/21 and maybe following Times, this is an overview on what the Training is for.

We sail with a Archambault M 34, which is a 34 Foot Racing Yacht with all Sailtrimm, Racing Sails and Elektronic. Always going fast and work on the best VMG. The Boat is based in Real Club Nautico in Palma at the Muelle Principal next to the Club House. You are always welcome to past by and have a look.

Petit Chasseur
Performance Training Boarding
Petit Chasseur at RCNP Clubhouse

Improve your Skills

If you like to sail fast and competitive, book your Performance Sailtraining with Oliver Ochse. Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm on the Weekends during the Winter in Bay of Palma de Mallorca. You should be familiar with basic Terms and Manouvers in Sailing, but don t need Racing Experience to take part.

We go for the Basic Positions on a Racing Boat from Bowman to Helm, including all Sailtrimm with brand new Racing Sails from One Sails Palma. Petit Chasseur has all Trimm Equipment to go fast and we always optimize for the best VMG on Up & Down Sailing.

During this Performance Training you can ask all your Questions and try to go yourself for the moves you havend done before. Of course also the Helm is including. The Cost for the 2 Days Performance Training is 100€. This money is to share all the Costs of this kind of Training including Marina fees and Fuel.


Am Wind Trimm der Genua
Performance Sailtraining

Performance Training Dates 20/21

Ask for availibility through my E Mail Adress: and book the next free Spot for your Sailtraining on "Petit Chasseur" Also WhatsApp on +34 629535608 or Facebook.


  • 29.10 - 1.11.2020


  • 14. and 15. November 2020 Performance Sailtraining everybody welcome


  • 5. and 6. December 2020 Performance Sailtraining everybody welcome


  • 12. and 13. December 2020  RACE TRAINING only Participiants from Performance Sailtraining before


  • 9. and 10. January 2021 Performance Sailtraining everybody welcome

What we do

Look at this Videos and see the movement of the Crew during the Tack and a Kite hoist. There is always improvement possible of course, and that is what we do 🙂

J 70

Similar Boats as the J 70 or the Melges IC 37 and a little bit of TP 52 Class 🙂 It s about the generell Trimm on the Sails and Kite Manouvers. Have a look on theses Videos and be prepared for your first Racing Days:

Kite Manouvers

Kite Manouvers on the smaler Boats like J 70 is more less similar to Petit Chasseur. Biggest difference is the Jib Handling and Mainsail Trimm as it s much bigger and more Squaretop Main and more Work on the Inhouler of the Jib compared with the up and Down of "Jib Car " instead of forward and backwards. The Result is the same.

Its all about Twist

In the Next Videos you could see all about modern Sailtrimm.